Sharly Ben-Chetrit

Executive VP Marketing, IAI

Sharly Ben-Chetrit is the current Executive VP for Marketing at IAI since August 2012. Ben-Chetrit joined IAI's ELTA Group in 1992 and since then has had held various leadership roles with the company.

Ben-Chetrit started as a system engineer at the ELTA Group, and later became a project manager responsible for leading programs with the Israel Air Force, and several Asian Countries. He later became marketing & business development manager for the EW business segment.

Ben-Chetrit became Deputy Managing Director of IAI ASIA in 2003 where he was responsible for leading the marketing activities of several Divisions at IAI as well as serving on two separate boards of joint companies IAI had in ASIA. He was handed the leadership role of Managing Director of IAI ASIA later on and was responsible for over $500M of business each year. In this capacity, Ben-Chetrit was required to initiate, market, negotiate, and finalize large contracts on monthly bases on top of his daily tasks of running the company.

Prior to his current position, Ben-Chetrit served for a couple of years as the Deputy VP for Marketing. As Executive VP for Marketing Ben-Chetrit is responsible for close to $5B of new contracts every year with sustainable growth.

Sharly holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Technion in Israel, and a master's of science degree in marketing from Boston University.



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